Tuesday, May 24, 2011



Sadly it is no more. 

Monday, May 23, 2011


That is what I am at the latest attack.

15* armed men managed to attack the navy base and destroy one of the most important aircraft stationed there worth at least 40 million $ a piece( According to reports 2 were destroyed) . Not to mention kill 10 of our men.

All this and the Govt tells us not to "CRITICIZE".


Haven't they had enough of a chance to show what they are capable of ?

The biggest chunk of the budget goes to them and for what?

It is one thing to be caught un-aware (though considering their jobs I don't find that forgivable either) but another thing to be stupid enough to get caught in the same situation with your pants down every single time!

A pathetic job to say the least! What hope can we have from these protectors of the nation if they cannot even protect themselves?

And now the media circus has begun.

And soon all this will be forgotten and nothing will be learned from the mistakes that are being made over and over.

* 5-20 depending on various reports. But only 4 of their dead bodies recovered so far. 

Saturday, May 21, 2011

R A P T U R E ?

6pm local time!

It began raining as hell.

Quiet unusual.

But it stopped now.

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

A silent revolution II : Divide et Impera

"In his historical survey Constantine's Sword, James P. Carroll writes,
Typically, imperial powers depend on the inability of oppressed local populations to muster a unified resistance, and the most successful occupiers are skilled at exploiting the differences among the occupied. Certainly that was the story of the British Empire's success, and its legacy of nurtured local hatreds can be seen wherever the Union Flag flew, from Muslim-Hindu hatred in Pakistan and India, to Catholic-Protestant hatred in Ireland, to, yes, Jew-Arab, hatred in modern Israel. Ancient Rome was as good at encouraging internecine resentments among the occupied as Britain ever was."

For 37 days , the young doctors protested. Yet no-one cared for them.The patients suffered. And a huge backlog was created. Yet those in power do not care either about the patients or the doctors.

Let them strike. We can bring in new doctors. They say.

They are the "MESSIAH". They must suffer.

We cannot give them money. Sorry. We cannot give them respect. Sorry.

Everything is for the rulers.

After striking for 37 days the doctors ended their strike ( even without getting anything) on the promise of the CM that their demands will be looked into.

But that was the beginning of the end. The so called "committee" formed to looked into the problems and present a solution within 2 weeks initially used delay tactics.

And now it has dangled the bait of money in front of the doctors.They will be given pay raises but nothing else.It is a hard bait to refuse. And a lot many of the doctors are more than willing to accept it.

Some of the doctors were already SELLOUTS. They are hailing this as a great achievement of the rulers.

The rulers themselves without even paying a dime are portraying themselves as heroes.

But it is the stupid doctors who will now get caught in the crossfire. The people already think that they are being payed heavy sums which is not the case. And with this announcement the government has very cleverly both divided the doctors and also given the impression that it has already solved the doctors problems.

This is far from the truth.

But it is time the doctors change their strategy or else face annihilation.

Not all battles can be won with swords. . . some need brains . . .

Monday, May 2, 2011


Yes today OBL was killed.

Frankly, I don't give a shit about OBL.

But I am rather concerned about where he was killed and the attitude of the rulers of this country.

Never mind that while millions of us starve , go without power , gas, water, education and health they continue to plunder the wealth generated by the people of this country.

We are willing to forgive and forget that.

But now a raid smack in the middle of the country by a foreign army? Of which the government and intelligence agencies knew nothing until informed by CNN!?

Why do they claim so much of the budget for themselves if this is what they are capable of?

And why the hell was OBL there in the first place and nothing done ???

What does this say about them , even if they cannot see the most wanted man on the face of the earth?

And as the world celebrates the killing of a mass-murderer we are putting on a show. Our leaders instead of contemplating what the hell just happened and considering the fact that our sovereignty was fucked and raped so badly today are busy in getting themselves into various offices even as I write these words.

Truly , today I am disappointed in belonging to such a pathetic country where neither the leaders nor the nation care anymore for the issues that affect them the most.