Monday, May 23, 2011


That is what I am at the latest attack.

15* armed men managed to attack the navy base and destroy one of the most important aircraft stationed there worth at least 40 million $ a piece( According to reports 2 were destroyed) . Not to mention kill 10 of our men.

All this and the Govt tells us not to "CRITICIZE".


Haven't they had enough of a chance to show what they are capable of ?

The biggest chunk of the budget goes to them and for what?

It is one thing to be caught un-aware (though considering their jobs I don't find that forgivable either) but another thing to be stupid enough to get caught in the same situation with your pants down every single time!

A pathetic job to say the least! What hope can we have from these protectors of the nation if they cannot even protect themselves?

And now the media circus has begun.

And soon all this will be forgotten and nothing will be learned from the mistakes that are being made over and over.

* 5-20 depending on various reports. But only 4 of their dead bodies recovered so far. 

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