Wednesday, December 22, 2010

A new beginning

I cannot believe that it has already been 18 + 6 months!

I have to go away for 6 months now. After which I will have 2 more years to go!

My departure has been hastened and forced by certain events. A lot of loose ends are still left. I need to work fast to bring everything in order.

Am a bit confused and saddened. Cannot believe I just said that! But then again it is me we are talking about. I will probably grow fond of hell even . . .

Anyhow am going to start a new blog from the first day of next year. A blog of daily events and thoughts. Will keep updating this blog as well but with the same frequency as this year.

It is strange. I wonder if someone will even read these words of mine ? Or will they be as forgotten and overlooked as I have been.

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