Wednesday, December 1, 2010


I am having yet again an attack of depression.

I am in a way responsible for bring this on myself. I should have covered my mistake when I had the time to do so but I failed. The cruel words of a senior have brought forth a total loss of confidence in myself. I feel miserable and want to leave this pathetic place. I have been working hard and have got nothing to show for it. I haven't been awarded any piece of work which was worth doing, instead I toil away doing things that no-one wants to do. The dirty and rotten stuff all belong to me. 

Furthermore, I am beginning to question whether I made a right choice to join this field int he first place. I still make basic mistakes or so I am told so. I cannot make up my mind : whether I am a total idiot for failing to learn even after 2 years or whether I am being unfairly singled out.

Another thing is that I have a bad habit of owning up to my mistakes. Most of the people around me feel no compulsion to do so.

Anyhow have got another hectic week ahead.

Hope I don't commit suicide . . . 

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