Monday, December 17, 2012

Nearing heartbreak

I like her very much.

And she likes me very much.

It would seem like life has no problems?

But in this little part of the world we cannot move further without our families consent.

And boy are they giving us a hard time.

Although we are from different backgrounds we have ended up together at the same workplace.

Somehow fate brought her to me.

Somehow we felt the same things for each other.

And now somehow our families think we are extremely stupid and just don't want to go anyfurther.

Am torn between her and my family.

My family is all I got but if I cannot imagine being without her.

Even if I think of being without her I go all crazy!

And this we feel like without even dating! or going out! or talking to each other.

But life is getting troubled and I am going to end up in a mess no doubt.

Am heading for heart-break I fear. . .

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