Monday, August 13, 2012

Who cares?

As I sat there in the corner on the floor in the Operating theater long after the list had ended I couldn't help but wondering : did anyone care about me?

They all knew I was sick. Yet I continued to toil making sure the cases got done.

I had been good to them, always caring for them when the need arose but no one even asked how I felt.

As I sat there coughing my lungs out I realized that all of them had left. The janitors broom came in sweeping the dust away. He didn't give much thought to the surgeon slumped down on the floor.

And you left too ? I thought you would have stayed to ask me what had happened or at least to come away now. At least you were the last to leave and bid me farewell.

And there I sat with my head between by legs , wondering if you were the one?

I am crazy . . .

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