Monday, August 13, 2012


Day after day I drag my body to work. The thing that is on my mind is if I will see her.

Even though I pretend to ignore her , I just cannot help by staring at her through the corners of my eyes.

Why does she look sad , why does she like to be lonely ?

Why am I so concerned about her?

When she smiles , though she smiles rarely , she makes my heart filled with joy.

She ain't some angel sent down from heaven. She ain't drop dead gorgeous or drop dead genius.

No reason why I should like her. But I just feel so lonely without her.

How much longer can I deny it?

How much longer can I lie to myself?

But is it wrong? She is my colleague and junior. Am I taking advantage of my position?

Will she able to express herself properly or will she be intimidated by my position?

How long can I deny that I have gotten into one fine mess.

I am afraid to think what would happen if I lose her but in all probability that is how its going to end up!

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