Sunday, April 10, 2011


I just hate clerks.

I think they perfectly epitomize what is wrong with our society and country right now.

Inefficient. Arrogant. Corrupt.

They come to work at 9am and leave by 1pm.

Half of that time is spending making and drinking tea.

Moving files from one table to the other takes days rather than minutes.

They sit there with a i-am-so-superior smile when you go to them for something that needs to be done.

They are everything that is wrong with us.

Yet somehow we haven't been able to find an alternative to them.

REASON FOR THIS RANT: The peanuts I work for , have not been payed to me this month.  The clerk told me to bring my attendance. WTF? If I am to do everything why does he get payed? And why not me?

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