Wednesday, December 23, 2009


So here I am . 

Back after facing the consequences of my decision .

Consequences ? What consequences ?

There were none :)

It has made me happy.

Worked all night yesterday on an assignment and it got postponed.

Feelin kinda lucky :)

Maybe its the codeine in my system but I feel great and estatic . . .

Ah yes that could be it ! The codeine that is making me happy or I dont know. Am just enjoying myself today. 

Thinking ahead I already got a spare presentation made and have just got the idea where to find my next one.

Have a sudden urge to write a long post about not quite anything in particular.

Just write something long and pretty much useless.

Gee , if someone is reading this , you my friend just wasted your time.

Its definitely the codeine ! 

Now I feel like laughing ! 

Oh and will try to add a song to this post .

I thinks its cool :)

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