Monday, November 3, 2014


season 6
episode 8

  • exceptionally brilliant physicist (IQ 178) who traded his successful career for a job as a courier to be with his intellectually inferior wife (IQ 87). 
  • ....For the ailing patient, intelligence is a miserable burden that alienates him from others. 
  • ....that a depression as a teenager due to his loneliness as a child prodigy led him to attempt suicide
  • ...addiction to DXM (mixed with alcohol to prevent brain damage), which he used to reduce his intellect. 
  • ..."lobotomize Einstein" by giving him back his meds, as the patient wishes to be dumb and happy rather than smart and miserable
  • Taub has problems with his wife, because she thinks that even at the age of 40 he's still doing an intern's job, instead of having his own private practice. Taub convinces her that he confronted House for keeping him from Thanksgiving dinner by showing her a picture of House's beaten-up face (by Chase), claiming he was responsible, which soothes her.
Don't know why . . . but feels so like me . . . 

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